Benefits of Retrofit Roofs

Retrofit roof on Hendersonville Visitor Center

CSC built this roof on the Visitor Center on Main Street in Hendersonville

One of the many services Carolina Specialties Construction offers to owners of commercial buildings is eliminating problems with roofs.   Building a properly functioning roof is one of the most cost efficient ways to reduce maintenance expenses over the lifetime of a structure.

CSC has retrofit many existing buildings with architecturally appropriate, long lasting metal roof systems.  Regardless of the structure, geometry, and system of roofing on an existing building, CSC can design and build an energy efficient metal roof to ensure that, not only will wind driven rain water not penetrate into a building’s interior, but that water is properly discharged off the roof and away from the foundation.

You may read more about why Retrofitting a roof means much more than “re-roofing” here:    MBCI is a manufacturer of high quality commercial roofing products.

A properly designed, overbuilt new roof can be one of the best ways to increase a building’s energy efficiency, during both the heating and cooling cycles.

Please contact CSC if you would like to find out what we would recommend for your building’s next roof.